About Nordic Projects

Nordic Projects is based in Oslo and is a production unit with several productions and consists of several productions from choreographer Emilia Adelöw and selected partners and collaborators. With a strong artistic growth the recent years we are focusing on presenting her ideas and visions at several different arenas and further develop the artistic expression. Nordic Projects involves performers with strong stage personalities and high movement qualities. The projects are primarily directed toward an adult audience.  


Our goal is to reach out to a diverse and engaged audience through the production and presentation of significant contemporary art works with artistic risk, rooted in human stories. Our work shall touch, move and relate to who we are through collaboration and partnerships locally and globally with an unwavering focus on artistic quality and integrity in the process.

Performing arts

Dynamic movement in relation to space, light and sound combined with a visual and emotional closeness in the situations has always been Emilia Adelöws's signature. Expressed through movement and dance, human relations and reactions to various influences are always explored. Issues surrounding human relationships and human emotions is the main themes. The artistic activities are based on meetings with the surroundings. Different movement material is explored, processed, sorted and organized to support the choreographer's ideas about the projects. The selection of performers and partners in each project is crucial for the specific expression. Emilia Adelöw are interested in combining conceptual ideas with enhanced process based works and various choreographic methods. It is of interest to present ideas that can be manifested in new ways at different venues, in collaboration with selected dancers and collaborators. 


Through photography and film, we document our processes and projects. One can try to recreate the experience of the live performance, however, no documentation could be completely true. It will be an interpretation, an independent expression. Therefore Emilia Adelöw do the documentation. It becomes a performative action and artistic expresion in itself. There is then a continuation of the work, her own approach and an integral part of her artistic practice.